Marcus Witte

Auguststraße 26B
10117 Berlin, Germany
StNr.: 34/594/00163
+49 162 92 19 121

About Marcus Witte

Marcus Witte is a freelance photographer and owner of He has been providing high quality photography, visual design and art since 1998.

In his early days he often surpassed the borders to the art world. For example he applied expired film material from the 70s to take photographs of locations of his own childhood to flush out hidden aspects of his identity. Meanwhile the focus of his work has shifted to portrait and fashion photography, while creating looks and acting as a bridge between idea and product.

Witte is currently based in Berlin, which is one of the most creative cities in Europe, but he has also spend a lot of time living and working in Florida (2001) and Russia (2004). An important station in his career was an engagement as photographer on an Italian luxury liner, cruising the Mediterranean Sea for one year long. Since this „Grand Tour“ he’s close connected with Alberto Bonardi (Milan).

In 2006 he collaborated with Kristian Schuller (Paris), who recruited Witte as his first assistant to coordinate projects in fashion photography all over the world. This practice conveys new aspects in visualizing attitudes and creating identities once again. Marcus Witte is a graduate of the Berlin University of Technology, where he learned how to conceive architecture as landscape & earned himself an Ingenieur. Originally he is from the southern edge of the Harz Mountains, Thuringia. It would be remiss not to mention that Witte speaks in English, Italian and Russian.

Jan Christoph Böhme, Berlin